THE CARE (The Centre For Agriculture Research and Ecology ) : The CARE is a unit of Krishi Swaraj, works on field for farmers.


To Promote Sustainable Development Goals:




Community Processing Partners

Our hand sorting, washing and dehulling processes are undertaken by household women of the village. This encourages skill development and resource building, women’s empowerment and all round community development for the village.

Organic Fertilizer & Composting

With an extensive, high-quality, organic product range of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, Green Technology Centre run by village women has been serving the local Indian farming community as locally produce, locally use concept. Our farmers trained in organic farming practices and processes as well as with organic nutrients such as bio-germs, seaweed extracts and root stimulators, which form the basis of our crop diet. 

Mother Nature & Our Farmers

Our crops are currently cultivated in the state of Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, M.P. specifically the rainfed area where although water is scarce, the soil is rich with minerals and untouched for the most part.
The sun and moon provide the rays required for natural photosynthesis. Hydration for our crops is provided by the clouds, harvested ground water, Talab and the Canal, which brings water to some of the most arid regions of the desert state, encouraging agriculture in these drought-prone but emerging farming belts.
We are continuously exploring innovative ways of farming to maximize nutrition and minimize environmental impact in all our processes.

Promote Green Technology Centre Run by Women

Promote Desi/Local Varities

Promote Community Seed Bank