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Murti SHG, Facilitated by PAIRVI
Adivasi Mahila Santhal Samuh, PAIRVI

Krishi Swaraj onboarded the 55 products on Amazon in 2015 as Collaborative Brand and strengthen the farmer’s organic brands. We onboarded the 8 organization’s products.

SHG for Value Addition of products

Sanskarit Turmeric

Immunity Booster

Anti-Inflammatory + Ca++

Uses: कैंसर की संभावना को कम कर देता है।शरीर से विषले पदार्थो को निकाल फेंकता है।चोट में, सूजन कम करता है।शरीर की इम्युनिटी को बढ़ा देता है।सर्दी में लाभकारी है।

Reduces incidence of cancer. Removes toxins from the body. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps in healing wounds and swelling. Builds up body immunization. Good for treating coughs and colds.

Apply : 1. इस हल्दी को सब्जी बनाते समय, सब्जी में उपयोग नहीं करना है। This haldi is not to be used during the process of cooking vegetables.

2. Take quarter teaspoon (2g) or half  teaspoon (4g) (according to your age), and mix with warm water and honey. Can also be taken with milk.


Digestion and Gas

उपयोग: • जिस भोजन से गैस होने की सम्भावना हो उससे पूर्व आधा छोटा चम्मच यानि करीब दो ग्राम पहले गस्से के साथ ले लें।

Usage: One small teaspoon (approx. 2g) of Hingoshtak Churn to be mixed with little water and taken before eating gas forming foods.

Lavan Bhaskar

Digestion and Constipation

Uses:Help to digest food. Keeps you away from constipation.Maintain proper digestion, prevents acidity.

Apply: Take Lavan Bhaskar powder with Hingoshtak together with your food daily.

Litchi Honey


Apricot Oil

Body Massage

Uses: Helps in reducing pain in the knees or joints. Moisturize skin for a long period. Improve hair length and strengthen hair. For glowing skin. Prevents wrinkle. Skin disease like  Eczema psoriasis

Desi Khand

Organic Sugarcane + Organic Process

Desi Khand is unrefined and naturally sweet, hence it can substitute the usage of refined sugar in tea, milk, lassi, etc.

Properties: Khand has a cooling effect on the body. Controls energy of movement) and digestion and assimilation.

गुण– खाण्ड ठंडी तासीर की होती है। वात और पित नाशक है। 

Benefits: It makes a cool and healthy drink for the summers. Mix it with lemon juice or raw mango (aam) panna (cumin powder, rock salt and sugar give added flavour); barley powder (sattu); sherbets, etc.


Millet’s Product


Face Scrub

Ingredients: Apricot powder, Lemon, Orange peel, Turmeric, Rose petals, Sandal wood, Tulsi.

Uses: This is  dry powder scrub.So there is not any requirement of adding preservatives. Thus prevents your skin from the harmful effects  of the chemicals.

Apply : Use to wash face daily.Take some of the powder in your palm and add some water/rose water into it and rub your face gently.Rinse your face with Luke warm water.