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In India there are 75% marginal farmers who are having less than 1 hectare land. Out of 75%, there are 70% farmers are having less than 0.5 hectare land. It reveals from study that there is negative net annual income from farming (if we include their own wages) resulted in agrarian distress and farmers get suicide every year.

Worldwide urbanisation, higher costs of energy, population growth that damage environment have necessitated the development of technology-driven energy and cost efficiency mechanism. Need is to achieve sustainable agriculture that obtain higher yield and increase income without affecting the environment.

Green Technology (GT) means environmental healing technology that reduces environmental damages, which contributes to both poverty reduction and sustainable agricultural development and help to achieve UN-SDGs goals, eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; promote gender equality and empower women; and ensure environmental sustainability. Along with increasing demand for green production for raising income and achieving sustainable agricultural development.

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Krishi Swaraj is working with Farmers on Green Technology to produce organic or natural products. Krishi Swaraj provides Green Technology and support to produce organic or natural products.


Subjee cooler

On-farm structure which is suitable for farmers.

No need of an external energy source such as Electricity/Diesel/Keresone/Solar energy.

Reduces post harvest losses and distress sell.

Local level repair and maintenance.

Drip-cum-Mulch System

Integrated system – Drip and Mulch sheet – in a single sheet.

UV protected sheet with a life span of 6 – 7 years.

Saves time and labour invoved in during installation (compared to seperate installation of drip and mulch)

Enhances the water use efficiency and retains the moisture content of the soil which leads to soil enrichment.

Drip-Cum-Mulch sheet saves recurring expenditure of the farmer.


Treadle pump

Capacity :

Foot operated pump which doesn’t need electricity/deisel/kerosene/solar energy.

Non-recurring cost device, enabling farmers to cultivate second crop in a Rabi season.



Small capacity water body which stores 3500-4500 litres of rain water.

Rainwater stored could be used to cultivate vegetables or to irrigate horticulture crops.


Drip kit

Helps in increasing the water use efficiency and reduces the growth of weed.

Fertilizers and micro-nutrients could be used effectively and efficiently.

More crops per drop of water.

Reduced weed growth decreases labour cost of the farmer.


Peek Rakshak

Solar Dryer

Krishi Swaraj has collaboration with Rukart Technology to dissemination the Green Technologies.