IISc_Centre For Sustainable Agriculture (Krishi Swaraj)

Aanand Programme
(Builds Vibrant Social Ventures and An Active Eco-system for Social Entrepreneurship across India)

Aanand is a startup development program that aims to train and prepare Indian MSMEs, farmers communities to expand their domestic capabilities and participate in the global economy. Participants will be equipped for both online and offline growth, helping them with the tools to potentially become a part of the supply chains of Organic and Natural or those of other domestic and international companies.

Programme AIM: For providing the support to MSMEs and Entrepreneur’s Farmers community.

This programme offers three Courses:

  1. Agripreneurship Orientation Program (AOP)
  2. Course for FPO business support
  3. Regenerative Agriculture Practice

Benefits of programme:

To strengthen the farmers with input and capacity buildings who are providing them with whatever they require right on their door steps. Also connected the farmers to market accessibility which is one of the biggest problems faced by them and equipping them with right tools to grade, assort and even transport their produce and ensuring remunerative price for their product.

  • Agribusiness ecosystem
  • Agribusiness incubators transform the agripreneurs landscape
  • Gateway to innovation and solution
  • Fulfil the missing link in agricultural value chain

To fulfil the missing link in agricultural value chain

Agri start-up is the enterprise set by adopting an innovative solution to complex problems in agriculture sector.

  • Timely availability of agri-inputs.
  • Availability of credit.
  • Availability of a reliable supply chain for agriculture commodities.
  • Availability of food processing infrastructure.
  • Production of export quality food products.
  • Reducing climatic impacts of agriculture.
  • Production of safe food for consumptions.
  • Ensuring transparency in value chain by availing
  • Information to consumers about sources.

NGOs, Colleges, companies and any other institute works for Farmers, Youth, MSME and Microfinance.